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We are a team of pet parents, animal lovers and avid travelers who are on a mission to make it easier to explore the world with our pets.

We are a team of pet parents and avid travelers.

Some stories start out with an adventure; but in our case, it starts with passion. We are a very passionate team of pet parents who have traveled the world and back, and realized how stressful and complicated it is. So we've come together, missions aligned, to help other pet parents find relief in the pet travel process so that everyone can truly enjoy traveling with their pets -- the way it should be.

Pawtrip officially launched in 2020 as a relocation startup on a mission to help people coordinate their international move after living overseas for a few years.

But everything changed on December 10, 2021, when Nicole Caba, the founder of Pawtrip, received the biggest surprise that would change her life forever -- the surprise of Coco, a toy poodle.

Nicole had pets growing up, but had been discussing with her husband for years about finally getting a puppy to join the family. But she never expected to receive such a surprise while on an international visit with family. So it become very apparent and a sudden need to make travel arrangements for Coco to return home.

That's when it hit. The pain point of traveling with a pet suddenly became personal.

After speaking with dozens of customers who had used Pawtrip's pet relocation service before, we received further validation that we were onto something more refined that would truly deliver on a solution other pet parents were experiencing.

So starting 2022, Pawtrip has announced the pivot to focus on pet travel & relocation and is excited about revolutionizing the travel industry so that people can more easily travel around the world with their pets. We're just getting started, and invite you to join in our mission.

Ready to book a trip? You can now book from 500+ of your favorite pet-friendly airlines, and soon hotels and more.
"Traveling with my dog, Princesa, was a stressful process as I had to prepare all the paperwork required for my destination before traveling just to secure her spot on the flight.
Cecilia Suarez

Change the travel industry to become pet friendly.

As a team of pet parents and travel lovers, we know first-hand how difficult it has been to travel with pets. We're on a mission to change that – one flight at time.

Nicole Caba
founder of pawtrip

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